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January 22nd, 2014
Running for Uriel!

Run with us—you can make a difference!

Hi, my name is Uriel, I am 10 years old and I live in Jerusalem. Some of you might know from the Facebook page ‘Fighting for Uriel’, some of you are hearing of me for the first time. Two years ago I was diagnosed with a rare form of adult leukemia. My life was turned upside down, along with the lives of my mother and brother. After I was diagnosed everything changed. I couldn’t go to school, play with friends or even fight with my brother, instead it was blood tests, medication and chemo. With time, I lost contact with my friends and the hospital pretty much became home. But the worst part was that nothing was normal anymore.    

Along the way, we met amazing volunteers from different organizations, among them was Chaiyanu/Chai Lifeline. Their volunteers filled my life and my family’s life with so much happiness and laughter. They took me bowling, to picnics and many other outings. They did not only stuff me with ice cream and pizza, they filled me with life as well; they gave me strength; they gave me something to look forward to.   

Each year Chaiyanu/Chai Lifeline runs a marathon in Jerusalem that sponsors the flying of 60 kids like me, to camp Simcha in New York. This Year I have decided to run with my family alongside Team Lifeline Israel. Team Lifeline Israel is a group of caring and devoted people coming together from around the world to participate in this special event.  Runners will receive the famous Team Lifeline blue and yellow jersey along with other team gear. They will also be treated to pre-marathon pasta party, and we, along with many other cancer warriors will spend an amazing Shabbaton together after the marathon.    

Camp Simcha does not only give us love and encouragement, it is a place where we get to be something other than sick children, we are fighters, warriors and champions, we wear our scars as a testament to our strength, we wear our scars proudly.   

 I need YOUR help to make this happen. Join Team Lifeline today; raise the money, run with us. You can make a difference. You can send me and 59 other kids to camp Simcha. You can be the reason Chaiyanu can keep putting smiles on our faces.  Go the distance- it’s worth it! Join me, my family, and the rest of the Chaiyanu clan, it is not only that we cannot do it without you—we want to do it with you!  

For more information please visit

In this picture: Uriel, his brother Daniel and Dovi, the volunteers who pushed Uriel’s wheelchair in the marathon two years ago. 

Dec 8th, 2013

It was a truly amazing moment, as the Rebels "fell" and "rolled" out of the his way, the crowed went wild, and Uriel (looking even smaller in comparison) ran down the field... Touchdown! He was lifted on the shoulders of the players, and the crowd stood and cheered for him. 

This took place at last night's vey special football game, in which Uriel's courage was honoured. After arriving at Kraft, Uriel was fitted with padding, a helmet, and special #1 team jersey made just for him. At half time both the Big Blue Lions and their rival's, The Rebels, got back on the field, stood in formation, and Uriel ran for a touchdown. And the rest is history 

We want to cheer for you, Jerusalem Big Blue Lions, for taking initiative, reaching out, and giving Uriel such s special evening! 

For more pictures visit us @Fighting for Uriel on Facebook

Nov 18th, 2013
Playing for Uriel- The Big Game! 

Come cheer for Uriel Wang at the Jerusalem Lions first game of the season as they draw out their claws against the Rebels in Jerusalem.

For the past two years, 10 year old Uriel Wang of Jerusalem has been battling a rare form of Leukaemia, relapsing 4 times. In May, after a long search for a bone marrow match, Uriel underwent his second bone marrow transplant. Uriel is now home, adjusting to life and gaining back his strength.

The Jerusalem Lions and the IFL nation will be honouring Uriel’s fighting spirit. We invite you all to join us in showing support for our little warrior. What better way to spread the light of Channuka with your family?!

Date: December 5th, 2013
Time: 6:45pm
Location: Kraft Stadium, Jerusalem 

November 11th, 2013
Playing for Uriel

A little while ago we received an email via the website from Danny Brill, the manager of the Jerusalem Lions football team. He said the he stumbled upon the website, believed everything happens for a reason, and wanted to know how the team could help. Once more, we were blown away by the love and generosity that has been pouring out for Uriel...

The Lions have invited Uriel and his family to a practice, which will be followed by a game in December in which Uriel will be honoured. 

We will update you with more details.

July 23rd, 2013

A shout-out to Uriel from the Canadian Maccabiah Hockey team :)

Thank you to coach Jacques Demers, the Canadian team, and the photographer Gabor Mayer for all your help! 

Photo by Gabor MAYER


June 5th, 2013

Our Fighter Uriel ♥

This video was taken right before Uriel started full body radiation

August 7th,2013
Thank you to Uriel's friends from around the world!

We would like to take a moment to thank you. Thank you for going to get tested, for getting others to get tested, for you warm and encouraging words, for the emails you wrote to Uriel, for your prayers, learning and acts of kindness. 

Here is a list of the countries that Fighting for Uriel has reached so far:

USA, Israel, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, South Africa, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Jamaica, Kenya, Ireland, Ethiopia, Austria, Belgium Italy, Germany, Brazil, Morocco, Antartica, Mexico, Switzerland, France, Poland, Netherlands,Hong Kong, Spain, Romania, Gibraltar, Pakistan, Serbia, Finland, India, South Korea, Turkey, Argentina, Costa Rica, Ireland, Indonesia, Venezuela, Georgia, Chile, Russia, Serbia, Romania, China, Croatia, Denmark, Japan, Hungary, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Antarctica, Iran, Malaysia, Congo, Ghana, Uganda, New Zealand, Nepal, French Guyana, Thailand, French Polynesia, Luxembourg, Colombia, Belarus

Thank you to all of Uriel's friends from around the world!
May 19th,2013
Zamzam Style

This video was taken before the transplant and we thought we would share it with you :-)

If you would like to write to Uriel, send him a picture, a video, or anything that you think would intrest him and cheer him up, please send it in an email to

Have wonderful day and enjoy! 
May 9th, 2013
Letters to Uriel 

We would like to thank the wonderful people who have sent in letters to Uriel! We love the creativity: youtube clip, movies, letter, jokes and stories. Keep it coming!

Please remember that a letter of any length, whether is a few words or a few lines makes a real difference. 

Some of you have asked for some information about Uriel, so here are a few facts:

Foods: Pizza, hamburgers, french fries, cola, spagetti, fettuccine alfredo, honey nut cheerios, omelettes hotdogs, BBQ wings, onion rings, rice, stuffed peppers, schnitzel and falafel 

Cartoons: Avatar, Kungfu Panda 2, Brave, Madagascar, Kofiko cartoon series, Kungfu Panda cartoon series, Madagascar cartoon series

Toys/games: toy guns, iPads, computer games, Mankala

Colours: blue and green

Interests: shoes, suits, bow ties, cuff links, shoes, soccer, basketball, Messi, air Jordan and Origami

May 6th, 2013

Uriel has undergone full body radiation and the bone marrow transplant.  His immune system is compromised and he has been placed in strict isolation.  This isolation will continue for an undetermined period of time that can last weeks and even months.

We are launching a letter writing campaign to help him through this difficult time. Basically, we would like to get him as many letters, drawings and videos as possible! 

You can write, you can get your friends, your children and your children's friends to write. Hard copies of the letters will not be allowed into the isolation room, so we suggest, that you either write directly to our email, or if it is children's letters and drawings, that you take a picture of the letter or drawing and email it in. Our email address is: Sarah will then be able to read and show Uriel your letters. 

Thank you all for your help and support!!!

April 10th, 2013


 A bone marrow match was found in Germany. If all goes as planned, the transplant is scheduled to take place at the beginning of May. We are asking everyone to continue praying for the successes of this transplant and for Uriel's full recovery.
March 25th,2013
Ma Nishtana?

Last night, Uriel 
with chemo blistered hands 
gave a hug
to his mother  
telling her "it will be ok".   

She had slept next to him 
but he wouldn't wake her 
and took her place
taking his own temperature every hour
as the nurses had asked.    

and Tonight, 
as Four Sons 
make it 
to the Seder   

Others -- like Uriel 
are just too sick 
to make it to 
the table   

so  this night  
will be different than others, 
and Sarah will bring the Seder Table 
to him    

Our Uriel 
is a fifth category of son 
-- a Great kid -- 
who will not let us give up on 

On behalf of Sarah, Uriel and Daniel, 

wishing you all a happy and Kosher Passover  

March 6th, 2013

Our Uriel
Just turned 10 
last week

He has three names

God that heals

God is my light

is translated as Isaac.
he who will laugh.

Light, Healing
And Laughter.

Names can also be a prayer
And a call to human action.

Thank you to everyone
for your prayers, good wishes, and assistance.
March 3rd,2013

Most of us run.
Run to work.
Run to play.
Run from rain.
and Run from pain.

Some -- run to live.
But some -- run
so others can live.

This is Daniel – he is 13. He runs so his brother can live.

He ran the 10K Jerusalem Marathon last Friday
in 78 minutes
to let the world know
His brother wants to live.

His 10 year old brother Uriel cannot run – but he is in a race
against a rare cancer
in a Jerusalem hospital.

So all of who us
can run –walk - or drive
Should do so
To get tested
To see if our bone marrow is a match
So that Uriel
Can win
The Race.


In the picture, Uriel's brother, Daniel after running the 10K Jerusalem marathon for his brother.


Uriel Dancing for his Mother 
March 2013

Morphine and Cake  

Uriel likes an app 
for decorating cakes 
so they brought him 
… a cake  

But he was too sick 
…until 3 AM   

And in the ward 
in the night 
he decorated
his own birthday 

But no 
Not This Birthday. 
not yet 
was it safe for him To eat.   

when he can 
he dances   
for his mother   

she laughs 
and so does he 
sort of  

But dancing with morphine 
can be hard to do …
and so hard to watch     

Uriel may be only one donor away   
from dancing without morphine  
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