Save Uriel
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Ways you can help:

- You can get tested to see if you are a bone marrow match for Uriel
- You can get others to get tested
- You share this information in the hopes that someone you know will be a match
- You can help with funding for the Wang family
- You can help with shopping, cooking and cleaning
- You can write a letter of support to Uriel and his family 

Information about bone marrow testing and donation

Testing: Depending on your local bone marrow bank, the test consists of a simple blood test or cheek swab. Once the sample has been taken, it usually takes about two weeks to get a result. If you are a match your bone marrow bank will call and ask if you are willing to donate.

Donation: In the past the only way to donate bone marrow was through surgery. However, it is more common today to draw bone marrow through a procedure called peripheral blood stem cell. A few days before the donation, you will be given injections or medication to boost the production of stem cells in your blood stream. The donation itself is done through a catheter in one arm, the blood wil be put through a machine that filters out the stem cells, and then will be replaced in your other arm. (Information taken for the Mayo Clinic site)

Getting tested in Jerusalem 

Getting tested in Jerusalem is quick and easy. You go to Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital. Take the elevator to floor -1. Go to the 'Sivog Rekamot' office. Fill out a short form and take a blood test. 

That is it! 

Office hours: Sun- Thu, 8am-2pm                 Office number: 02-677-7513.

     Reasons you would NOT qualify as a donor:
    1. If you suffer from a chronic illness such a diabetes, cancer, TB, epilepsy, etc.
    2. If you were in England, Wales or Scotland for a period of 6 months, between the years 1980-1996
    3. If you spent a period of at least 10 years in France, Ireland or Portugal.
    4.if you or any member of your family has been diagnosed, or are at risk of being diagnosed with creutzeldt Jakob            disease.
    5. If you have been tested and diagnosed with HIV positive.
    6. If you are a carrier of hepatitis b or c.
    7. If you have ever injected or snorted any form of drug.
    8. If you have been treated with a growth hormone via transplant or through a human donor

Testing outside of Israel 

If you would like to get tested but do not live in Israel, please call your local hospital and ask for the nearest bone marrow bank. All the bone marrow agencies interact but it is very important that you ask that your results be included in the Israeli search. 

For US citizens: You can also check if the following organizations are running a bone marrow drive in your area:
                    Chai Lifeline:
                    Gift of Life: 

If you have been tested in the past

Make sure to update your information. C
all the bank to which you donated, or visit their site and ask that your results be included in the Israeli search. 

If you were tested in Israel than your results have already been checked against Uriel.  
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