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What type of cancer does Uriel have?

Uriel has chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML). It is a rare form of leukemia, and rarer yet in children.  People who have CML develop a chromosome mutation called the Philadelphia chromosome. This mutation creates a new gene called BCR-ABL. BCR-ABL in turn produces too much of a certain protein called tyrosine kinase, which promotos cancer by allowing certain blood cells to grow out of control.  (Information taken for the Mayo Clinic site)

Why does Uriel need a bone marrow transplant?

Uriel needs a bone marrow transplant because his body has not responded to any of the other treatments. A bone marrow transplant is his best hope.

Uriel has already been through one transplant. His 13 year old brother was a perfect match, but the cancerous cells were too strong and transplant did not take. The doctors are now looking for a 90% match, in the hopes that when Uriel’s body tries to fight the 10% foreign bone marrow, it will fight the cancerous cells as well. 

How can I get tested to see if I am a match?

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What is a bone marrow donation?

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I have been tested in the past-  how do I make sure my results are being tested against Uriel?

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