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Uriel Wang of Jerusalem is fighting for his life. 
Updated Dec 12th, 2013

Uriel Wang, a ten year old boy from Jerusalem was diagnosed with a rare form of adult leukaemia (CML). He has spent the majority of the last two years confined to the hospital, undergoing intensive treatments including two bone marrow transplants. 

After his first transplant failed, Uriel was in desperate need of a second donor to give him a chance at life.  The doctors were looking for a 90% match, in the hope that the 10% ‘foreign’ cells would stimulate Uriel’s body to fight the remaining cancerous cells.  However, it was hard to find a match for Uriel due to a  genetic mutation caused by this specific form of leukaemia, and due to his rare combination of Chinese and Yemenite DNA.  At this stage, a family friend decided to launch the Fighting for Uriel/Save Uriel Campaign to help find Uriel a bone marrow match.

 In April a match was found in Germany and in May, Uriel underwent his second bone marrow transplant.

 It has been a long few months for Uriel and his family. Any transplant is hard on the body, but a transplant that has partially foreign cells is especially taxing. The wonderfully supportive online community that formed through this campaign was with him every step of the way, cheering him in on, praying, writing him letters, and in a way, fighting by his side. 

We cannot thank you enough for your love and support! 

 We will continue to update you on Uriel’s progress, on what we hope is his journey to complete health! 

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March, 2013

Uriel Wang of Jerusalem is a 10 year old child. He is fighting for his life against a form of leukaemia ordinarily found only in adults.

Uriel’s cancer is rare – merciless, punishing and unforgiving.
And a chromosome abnormality has made a bone marrow match difficult to find.

The latest prognosis indicates that cancer cells have spread to his spine and brain.

As a little boy of Chinese, American, and Yemenite heritage Uriel was brought into the world with genes from across the globe.

And now people from across the globe are banding together to keep him alive.

Could be

While Uriel ‘s ethnic background and chromosome abnormality have rendered it challenging to find a bone marrow match- it is by NO means impossible. A similar ethnic background is preferable- but ANYONE can be a match. 
For more information come visit our Fighting for Uriel page on Facebook:
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